How Calgary Homes for Sale Can Make a Good Impression

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Published: 09 February 2015

While you may have gone through the features you want in a home several times, you may still be missing out on various important points to consider during your home search. It is essential not to underestimate the power of making a great impression, which means people that are selling their homes should be doing what they can to impress potential buyers into being interested.

Possess Attractive Curb Appeal

Looking at numerous Calgary homes for sale, you should be able to tell the difference between the homes that had a lot of work put into creating an impressive front yard display and those that lacked appeal. Although this should not be a deal breaker, you should consider the fact that if a homeowner was not willing to invest time and money into making an excellent first impression, their intentions may be off.

Have a Clean Interior

In order for you to picture your home while in another home, you need to have the right setting. Countless family photographs, excessive clutter, and bulky furniture can definitely get in the way of this picture.

Be Located in a Safe Neighborhood

It is pretty easy for almost any neighborhood to look nice and dandy in the daytime, but nighttime can yield very different results. Ideally, you should spend a few evenings in the neighborhood for a home you are interested in purchasing as it can speak volumes about your potential living situation. Doing this will give you an overall vibe of the neighborhood, which can be especially important if you have a family.


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What Qualities to Look For in High Quality Calgary Real-Estate Agents

Category: Real Estate Agents
Published: 09 January 2015

With so many real estate agents to choose from, finding the right one for you can be a challenge. It is not like a minor purchase where you can get away with a decent professional, having an exceptional one can enhance your whole experience with buying a home tenfold.

Knowing the most important qualities of the best Calgary real-estate agents can help you when it comes to narrowing down your options and making a final choice.

Superb Organization

Looking through dozens of homes, handling lots of paperwork, and taking care of multiple clients can be a major challenge for some individuals, but real estate agents need to excel them. Organization is essential because it makes your experience much smoother from start to finish.

Local Knowledge

An absolutely critical quality is knowing the local area. If you are interested in certain neighborhoods, do not be afraid to solely focus on those that are experts of those neighborhoods. It is better to get an opinion form someone that knows almost everything there is to know about a certain neighborhood, especially compared to word-of-mouth suggestions as they are simply not as trustworthy.  


Although you may want to have the most positive experience, a good real estate agent will be honest with you through and through, and this means telling you the reality of negative situations. For instance, you may think that a certain offer on a home might be an absolute winner, but an experienced real estate agent may know that it is a longshot and likely not worth the risk of receiving a complete rejection.

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Quick and Easy Tips to Follow Before Selling Calgary Real Estate

Category: Calgary
Published: 02 January 2015

Making your home appealing to potential home buyers requires a considerable amount of preparation. It is best to invest in this process, as opposed to hope for the best, and this is because a prepared home will not only sell faster, but it will yield a higher price compared to cluttered and disorganized real estate.

Following a few simple tips can help you get your Calgary real estate prepared for selling.

Reduce or Eliminate Wiring

Wiring can make any home look messy, so reducing how much wiring is visible should be a top priority. Hiding wires is a viable solution, but the best solution is going wireless, which eliminates all wires. It is a fairly simple change that will result in a better first impression to potential buyers.

Replace Fabric and Rugs

After you have had curtains for a few years, they can begin to look worn down. Instead of keeping them, you should replace them before people begin to look at your home, and this is because you can make your home look a lot newer and fresher by investing in this simple upgrade. It is also ideal to do this for rugs and other fabric-related furniture in your home for the most impressive appearance.

Add USB Power Outlets

Although it may just be a simple convenience, having USB outlets in power outlets can be very helpful, especially for those invested in modern technology. Instead of consuming an available outlet with your charger, you can just plug your electronic device into a USB outlet for easy charging.

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Comparing Available Calgary Real Estate Agents

Category: Calgary
Published: 29 December 2014

When it comes to buying or selling a home in Calgary, nothing is more important than selecting an established real estate agent. Other factors such as cost, ability to properly understand your needs and client base connections can also make a large impact. By learning how to evaluate available Calgary real-estate agents, ensuring a positive experience in the real estate world should be achievable.

Avoid Real Estate Agents Not in Your Corner

Real estate agents that are representing the opposite party or are playing both sides can be disadvantageous when it comes to your bottom line. According to, "An agent working simultaneously for the buyer and the seller has the best interests of both parties in mind, as opposed to an agent who is exclusively working for the buyer and only has the buyer’s best interests in mind. If an agent is representing both you and the seller, they will be trying to make money for both you and the seller when it’s time to negotiate. Your goal is to find someone who is in your corner exclusively."

Open House Etiquette 

Although open house events are a great way to look at available real estate in the area without the pressure of a private tour, they are also a haven for agents looking to profit from both seller and buyer due to the larger potential for commission. Hire your own agent outside of these events.

Credentials and Local Experience

A combination of credentials and experience in the local area is essential. Experience in the local area can mean the difference between finding your dream home at half market price or wasting your time with cookie cutter houses that everyone else has already seen.

Be sure to contact us at Home Contender if you have any questions about comparing available Calgary real-estate agents.


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