How to Get the Most Money for Selling Your Home

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Published: 17 November 2014

Selling a home is a process that can go several ways, and you should aim to have a positive experience. However, there are quite a few decisions that need to be made when selling a home, and these choices will often determine how your overall experience goes.

In order to set yourself up in the best financial situation possible, you should think about what can be done to improve the selling price of your Calgary real estate and help you end up with the most money.

Take Advantage of Competition

An excellent way to accomplish this goal is by utilizing competition amongst real estate agents. It is easy to tell that the real estate industry is extremely competitive, so you can use this to your advantage by letting agents bid on the chance to sell your home. In order to have a bargaining tool, real estate agents will use their commission percentage as a way to persuade you to choose from, and this is where you can get high quality service for a fair commission percentage due to the level of competition.

Focus on Neutrality

It is very possible that your real estate agent will recommend keeping your home neutral, but there are ways that you can improve this aspect before you even hire one. For instance, you may be interested in upgrading your home through DIY projects, which is more than okay when done correctly. Maintaining neutrality throughout your home will help potential buyers see their own style fitting into the home.

Make Budget-friendly Changes

While major upgrades may not be worthwhile, at least to a functional home that does not require repairs, you can still make some changes that can have a huge difference on price. Bold paint colors on the wall or cabinets can be painted over and lackluster countertops can be changed over to wood.

If you are interested in getting real estate agents to bid to sell your home, feel free to contact us at any time for more information about this incredible opportunity.


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Calgary real estate: Sellers get more money

Category: Calgary
Published: 16 October 2014

The Calgary Herald reports that people purchasing a home are expecting to pay more. Why? One reason is housing prices are up, which means sellers are getting more money for their homes. Another reason is buyers have more money for down payments, so they can purchase more expensive homes. 

For those two reasons sellers are getting more money for their homes. Added to that is that sales are up about 12% from over a year ago. So, more homes are being sold at the same time the average price is up almost 6% from last year. Both of those things usually don't happen at the same time, so now is the time to take advantage of it.

Sounds like a great market for sellers. 

What does this mean for you? It means if you have ever thought of selling your house, now is the time! There is a population growth in Calgary and people are wanting to buy homes and are willing to pay more money for homes.

So, look around your home and find the little things you need to fix or replace such as curtains or blinds. Then give it a good cleaning and pack up some of what others might think of as clutter. Have someone come look at it and give you honest opinions about what they see.

Then contact us and let's sell your home for top dollar while buyers are looking and willing to pay more for houses.


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Calgary real estate hit a record in July

Category: Calgary
Published: 07 August 2014

According to the Calgary HeraldCalgary real estate hit a record in July. They state that "there was a record number of MLS transactions" during July and that July was the "16th consecutive month of year-over-year gains in sales." That news is great for both buyers and sellers. Greater news is that the forecast shows signs of this growth continuing, not slowing down.

That means August or September could be the month you list and sell your home in Calgary. Even greater news for you, is that the average sales price of a home in Calgary is up almost 5% than it was a year ago. You will get more for the sale of your current home to possibly purchase your dream home here in Calgary.

If you think about it, August and September are great times to list your home. It's hot outside and people are looking for things to do inside. Many people are relocating at the start of school terms so it's easier on children. Jobs in Calgary are also increasing, especially near the airport, so people are looking for a place to settle. Plus, there is something about August  and September being a transition from summer to fall that has people wanting to settle down in their dream homes. For all of those reasons, August and September are great times to list your home and sell it. It is fairly easy on your part, you just need to contact a real estate agent, and your house could be on the market this August or September.


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Calgary real estate in the news

Category: Calgary
Published: 24 July 2014

Calgary real estate is in the news again. Why? Don't worry, the news is positive for both those buying and selling a home in Calgary. 

  • 660News reports that residential sales and listings had double digit gains in June compared to June 2013. They report that this is 18% above the 10-year average. This is positive news for both sellers and buyers.
  • The Calgary Herald reports that the resale of single-family homes increased by 8.5% in June compared to June 2013. They report that economic conditions continue to support housing demand growth, yet this increase in sales and listings is creating market balanced conditions in Calgary.The balanced market is the key for this news being good for both buyers and sellers.
  • The Calgary Sun reports that sales in May were $1.8 billion up from $1.4 billion in May 2013. They also report that Calgary led in month-to-month sales gains.

As you can see from these statistics, the real estate market is becoming better for both purchasers and sellers of homes.

What does this mean for you? It means Calgary is a great place to purchase or sell a home and 2014 is the year for you. People are wanting homes which means your home could sell quicker than in other cities. It also means there are more homes available, yet not so many that the market is unbalanced and it's a great time to purchase a home. As The Calgary Herald reported, these statistics show us that the market is becoming balanced. That means it is a great time for both buyers and sellers.


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