Canada mortgage rates: Finding the perfect match

Category: Calgary
Published: 20 February 2014

Canada mortgage rates are determined by the markets, the banks and the demand for new homes in the country.  Every lender is completely different, and every homeowner has their own set of needs and desires when it comes to their mortgage.  Matching the right mortgage with the homeowner is an essential part of any home purchase process.

Some homeowners want to have a mortgage with a low interest rate that will help them to keep their payments low long into the future.  Other homeowners would prefer to get a mortgage with a slightly higher rate that they can refinance later on.  Still other homeowners will want to get an adjustable rate loan that will offer low interest rates initially.

Each homeowner needs to find the interest rate that best matches their needs and their credit score.  Working with a bank or lender that understands the customer is more important than the bank that offers the lowest payment.  Consumers want to have good customer service and good prices.  Therefore, every consumer can look right here to find the right home and the right loan to purchase that dream home.

Homeowners do not have to spend all their time looking for the right interest rates in the country.  With a simple search, every homeowner can be matched with a loan and a loan officer that works for them.  This perfect match brings the dream home into reality while also giving the homeowner a financial product they are comfortable with having for the next 15 to 30 years.


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Calgary Looks Forward to House Price Gains

Category: Calgary
Published: 18 February 2014

Calgary home owners can look forward to good news in the housing market: across many accounts, home prices are rising in Calgary, larger than the national aggregate.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association's MLS Home Price Index, Calgary prices from December were up by 8.74 per cent from last year's average home price, while the rest of the country saw an average rise of just 4.31 per cent. 

This makes the average price of a Calgary home on the market at $430,000, up from $410,000 of a home in 2013. The price rise has been the highest seen in the city's history of the market since 2008. Single family homes are especially attracting buyers, selling quicker on the market even as values increase. But that is not to say that Calgary bungalows and condos are not doing as well-- both are seeing an increase in sales, with standard condominiums seeing the greatest price growth, according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey and Market Survey Forecast. The city's robust economy and development, an increased demand from buyers, and a rise in population are all contributing to the increasing house prices.

The attraction to Calgary homes is also a reflection of Calgary's non-residential market: currently, the city is ranked as fifth in highrise construction in North America, attesting to its growth. New businesses are entering the Calgary scene, and with their establishments--alongside the growing, existing businesses--come more employers and job seekers looking for homes to buy. 

Though the assessments will mean an increase in property taxes for some, the rise in property values are overall a good sign for the city's real estate recovery. Whether buying or selling, Calgary's home owners can expect a strong market for 2014.


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Three Best Neighborhoods: Calgary homes for sale

Category: Calgary
Published: 15 February 2014

Are you looking at the Calgary homes for sale and wondering where to purchase your next home? The Avenue conducts an annual survey  to find the best neighborhoods to live in. Check these out as you are looking for homes in Calgary. The top three for 2013 are:

1. Arbour Lake

Arbour lake is in the north-west quadrant of Calgary. This community has a lake filled with rainbow trout, neighborhood parks, and great mountain views. They even have a walking path designed to relax you as you stroll through the rolling hills.

To enjoy all the recreational amenities offered in Arbour Lake, there is a voluntary membership to the community association. This membership gives you access to educational programs such as soccer, karate, and yoga, breakfasts, and senior programs. 

On top of all that, Arbour Lake has easy access to LRT via Crowfoot Station and had an increase in property values for 2013. 

2. Acadia

Acadia is in the south-east quadrant of Calgary. If you like easy access to the Calgary Farmer's Market and Deerfoot Meadows, this is the community for you. In addition, there is a recreation centre that includes an indoor pool, and exercise classes. 

This community includes single-family detached homes, duplexes, townhomes, and apartments along tree-lined streets. There is ample amounts of green space and parks for children.

On top of all that, Acadia has an abundant supply of shopping and restaurants and easy access to downtown.

3. Varsity

Varsity is in the north-west quadrant of Calgary and is mostly single-detached dwellings on wide lots. Within this neighborhood you are near Crowchild Trail, Bow River, and both the Montgomery and University of Calgary campuses. If you go to the easternmost portion of this neighborhood you will see the University of Calgary Research Park.

For children there are many playgrounds and for families there is easy access to the CTrain and bike lanes. If you want your children in a French immersion school, Varsity is the neighborhood for you.

On top of all that, Varsity was rated the best neighborhood for 2012.

Take a look at these three neighborhoods in Calgary as you are looking for your next home.


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Condos Could Be Your Best Bet With Calgary Real Estate

Category: Calgary
Published: 11 February 2014

We all know how boring and mundane life can become.  Doing the same thing, day in and day out, can be a chore in and of it self.  This is why considering a nice change of pace may be your best bet to get out of your rut.  No matter if you are looking to move somewhere new or just get a place to lay low for a few days a year, getting a condo in Calgary is a great idea.  You will be saving money and putting yourself in the position to explore all the city has to offer.

Saving Money

One of the luxuries of buying a condo is the fact that they are generally inexpensive compared to buying a house.  This is great for anyone that is looking to purchase a second home or vacation getaway for their free time.  It is also a wonderful idea for someone relocating that wants to save as much money as possible in case of a rainy day. Regardless, getting a condo instead of a house will save you quite a bit of money.

Great Atmosphere

Another great reason to choose Calgary is all that it has to offer in the way of arts and entertainment.  If you are a fan of museums, The Gasoline Alley Museum at Heritage Park Historical Villageis a great vintage car gallery that will keep you entertained for hours.  There are also a plethora of great music and film festivals that come through the city every year.  By coming to Calgary, you can bet you will be entertained whenever you want to step out of the house. 

If you are interested in buying a condo in Calgary or you simply want to get some pricing, feel free to contact us any time.


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