Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Homeowner Questions
  2. What makes Home Contender different from other real estate listing websites?
  3. Home Contender connects you with real estate agents who are competing for the right to represent you and sell your home. We put you in the driver's seat, sine you get to select the commission and service that's right for you.
  4. What will Home Contender charge me to list my property?
  5. Nothing! Home Contender is a service we provide free to homeowners who need to list their properties. You pay the real estate agent your commission only upon completion of the sale of your home.
  6. Can I use Home Contender if I already have a listing with a real estate agent or MLS?
  7. No. Home Contender is designed to connect homeowners with a real estate agent for the first time. If your home doesn't sell, you can sign up with Home Contender but only if your listing agreement with a real estate agent has expired.
  8. Can real estate agents contact me through your site?
  9. We at Home Contender will contact you via email when you receive a bid on your property. Only when you select the agent with whom you wish to work will he or she be provided with your contact information.
  10. How long will my property be listed?
  11. Your listing stays until your home is sold.
  12. What if I meet an agent but don't want to use him?
  13. Once you select your winning bid, you contact that agent and schedule a meeting. If a real estate agent doesn't meet your expectations, you are free to go back to the bids you received and select another agent.
  14. Agent Questions
  15. Why should I use Home Contender?
  16. Home Contender connects you with homeowners who want to list their properties and find the right real estate agent. Once you create your profile, you get to show off your services and specialties to a new pool of potential clients.
  17. Will my profile be made public?
  18. Yes. Home Contender does, however, provide you with the option to keep your profile public. You may select this option when you are creating your profile. You may also change this option under your Account Settings.
  19. How do I bid on property listings?
  20. Once you sign up, create your profile and purchase a bids package, you can search our database of property listings.

    When you find a property you want to represent, click the "Bid on this property" button, place your bid and wait for the homeowner to contact you, if you are the successful bidder.
  21. What happens if I don't hear back from the homeowner?
  22. If you've gone a period of time without hearing from a homeowner, he may have gone with another agent. You may want to adjust your bid on the property or search for other properties to bid on.
  23. What happens if a homeowner accepts my bid?
  24. When a homeowner likes your bid, you receive an email from Home Contender. The homeowner will then contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the property's sale.
  25. What if I meet a homeowner and don't want to represent him?
  26. You are not obligated to represent a homeowner who has selected your bid. You can decline any further contact with the homeowner a pursure other opportunities on Home Contender.
  27. Will other agents know what I've bid on a property?
  28. Your bid remains confidential and only the homeowner receives the information you provide.
  29. Do my bids expire if I don't use them?
  30. Yes, they sure do. Your bids remain active for six months from the date of purchase. Don't worry if it slips your mind. We'll send you a reminder email before your bids expire.